Background copy plugin - queueing

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Background copy plugin - queueing

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Hi all,

I've just "discovered" this great plugin, it really makes using FAR more efficient and I am very grateful for it!

Though I can imagine one useful enhancement, which it could have. I copy quite often large files from network drives to local. In this case, it'll be very handy to queue new copy/move requests, because copying files one after one is meaningfully faster then copying all at once.

My idea is: after pressing ctrl+shift+f5 there would be new checkbox in the window, which - if checked - would put the new request into queue instead of immedeate start. After pressing ctrl+shift+i, it'd be possible to move requests within the queue (change their order) and change their type from "queued" to "copy now".

Would somebody else appreciate this function? Do you think it'd be useful?