Scrollable Console Buffer

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Scrollable Console Buffer

Post by KtW » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:37 pm

Hi! All! :)

I Ask You If It's Possible To Have A More Longer Buffer To Scroll When You Press CTRL O Key Combinations When You Are In Console Mode !

...Well It's Possible To Have These Key:

- CTRL PAGEUP To Scroll Up The Buffer
- CTRL PAGEDOWN To Scroll Down A Page
- CTRL HOME To Go To The Beginning
- CTRL END To Return To The End :)

...For This To Be Useful It's Also Nice To Have A Way To Save All (or a great amount ...or a configurable amount) Of The Scrolled Text Inside A Text File Or A Variable...

...Do You Think It Can Be Done?

...Thanks In Advance!

...I Relly Need This Function

...I'ts Like On The bash History Of Linux ;)

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Post by t-rex » Fri Apr 15, 2005 5:50 am

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Post by KtW » Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:56 pm


I've never tryed it

I've just downloaded times ago...

Sorry for this not unuseful thread...


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Post by KtW » Sat Apr 16, 2005 9:56 pm

Well this is a great plugin! :) (my compliments to the author!)

I've tested it a lot and I've found that these (modified by me) settings fit some of my needs but not all!
"Next" = hex:10,09 ;shift + tab (dn like session switching)
"Prev" = hex:11,10,09 ;ctrl + shift + tab
"OnlyOneCopy" =dword:2 deny second copy of ConMan and launch new
For example will be a great addon that when launching far this plugin can remember previous opened sessions! If I've left with [2/4] will be nice to reopen all [1/2/3/4] and positioning it at [2/4] on the same state was left!

Integrated AlternativeConsole without pressing Win+A key combination to open the AlternativeConsole ;)

But i don't think it will be possible since ConMan is a wrapper and don't know if is running far or another shell ;) like ndn for windows for example