Suggestions/Bugs FileCopyEx v1.9beta

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Suggestions/Bugs FileCopyEx v1.9beta

Post by rob »

1. if the destination of a file is inside a linked folder within a networkshare at a different pc(not localhost) and i try to copy files to that location i get the error-message: "Destination path is incorrect". i remember that in previous pluginversions this was only a warningdialog. it was possible to ignore the error and start the copyoperation anyway. whats the reason for this new behavior?

2. CRC ErrorDialog: provide information about corrupted sector(sectornumber or something else) that i can differ multiple errors per disc.

3. the "keep incomplete files" option in the "abort operation"-dialog only keeps data that already written to target - buffered data not flushed.
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Post by KtW »

If I Can Suggest Another Function:

4. File Copy Verify
After The Copy As Finished The Buffer Will Be Emptied And All Source
Will Be Compared To Destination To See If All Has Copied Fine...

I Need This Function Because Some Time CRC Error Happen When
Using USB Drive Or Memory Stick Units...

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Post by HaRT »

Consider using comparison by content: either Advanced Compare or Deep Compare plugins.
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Post by KtW »

I Know I Know ;) HaRT...

But If I Forget To Do It?

...I Think It's Better To Have This Task Done By The Same Plugin! (FileCopyEx)

...Or, At Least, Will Be Nice A "scriptable" FileCopyEx So I Can Instruct It To Launch An "Advance Compare" Verify Process... :)
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Post by pepak »

1) "Destination path is incorrect" also happens when FAR w. FileCopyEx is run from a Virtual PC 2007 virtual machine and the destination drive is a Shared Folder of the host. Regular Copy works fine, just FileCopyEx has problems.

5) I also noticed something which might or might not be an issue with FileCopyEx: If I copy large amounts of data between drives, sooner or later I get an error message that there's not enough resources to complete the operation (or something like that - I'll post screenshot when it happens again; I expect to be moving ~450 GB of data to a new drive sometime next week). It influences the whole Windows (XP, SP2) - when this situation occurs, web browsers stop working as well with internal communication error. I have only seen this with FileCopyEx running and I noticed that as soon as I quit and restart FAR, everything returns back to normal - meaning that I can copy some more and that I can once again access the net. I have never seen it with other intensive operations, such as compressing tens of gigabytes of data using 7-Zip (with 128 MB compression dictionary).