Plugin writing languages

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Plugin writing languages

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After reading Lyrical introduction to plugins I wonder - how many and which languages have been used to successfully write far plugin up to present time? There is a very limited phrase concerning this question at above url. In particular in mentions "...very few requirements; almost any programming language would do, given that you have a compiler capable of producing Windows DLLs..." but I know it is possible to write plugins even in Visual Basic or other scripting languages, which doesn't produce any .DLLs.
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No, it is not possible to write plugins in VB or similar - you can only write scripts for the SHPCE plugin.
The languages that were used to write FAR plugins are (the ones I know of): Assembler, C/C++, Pascal/Delphi, Ada, Forth, Modula-2.
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it IS possible to create a visual basic plugin

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high to all,
i once did it and it is easy to do if u know a undocumented trick.
visual basic cannot create a simple dll. only activex dlls.
but vb is written in vc++.
also, the linker to compile vb is the exact same one used to compile vc++.
i do not seem to have the vb code but contact me and i can go int more details.