Put a screenshot on the front page

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Put a screenshot on the front page

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Hi, a picture speaks a thousand words, and i think if you put a screenshot of FAR manager on the starting page of your website it will attract a lot more interest, especially from old fans of Norton Commander and DOS.

Also, about this forum, if you start to get spam bots getting past your fuzzy image captcha, you might want to consider installing this mod which uses a text-based captcha that requires human thought:
Textual Confirmation (at bbantispam dot com since i can't post a link)
Get Textual Confirmation as that is integrated into PhpBB, rather than Advanced Textual Confirmation (that would also work but it's more complicated to install). I also run a PhpBB forum so i know the problems with spam.

You might also find this interesting:
www dot freecommander dot com
It is a similar idea to Norton Comander anmd FAR but using a windows style GUI