Far Manager 1.71 alpha 3 build 2126

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Far Manager 1.71 alpha 3 build 2126

Post by t-rex »

Far Manager 1.71 alpha 2 build 2112

Get it here:

whatsnew 1.70 release -> 2104

[!] Command line prompt format has been extended with new commands.

[!] The '*' and '/' keys from the numpad are now called "Multiply" and "Divide". Those names will be used in macros instead of the symbols.

[+] When a non-existing file from the edit history is selected (by Enter), a prompt to create this file is shown.

[+] Macro-function "N=sleep(N)".

[+] Macro-constant "Far.Height".

[+] Macro-constant "Far.Title".

[+] Macro-constant "Title".

[+] Macro-constant "Drv.ShowPos".

[+] Macro-constant "Drv.ShowMode".

[+] Additional mode for displaying disk size (Ctrl-5) in disks menu - a Windows Explorer like mode. On by default.

[+] A mode for displaying parameters of network drives (Ctrl-9) in disks menu. Off by default.

[+] TechInfo#72 - allows to save plugin paths to the folders history.

[+] The Shift-Del hotkey in the disks menu allows to prepare a USB-disk for safe removal.

[+] Added a new command "Hotplug devices list" to the "Commands" (F9) menu that allows to remove hotplug devices.

[*] Some updates to the command line help (for far /?).

[*] Text of the wipe (Alt-Del) dialogs has changed.

[-] Incorrect handling of environment variables in CD and CHDIR commands.

[-] TechInfo#8 did not work.

[-] Incorrect handling of environment variables and relative paths in FAR command line switches.

[-] FAR crashed when started if the the value of "HistoryCount" (TechInfo#52) was smaller than the number of items in the history.

[-] Fixed the behaviour of Ctrl-Enter on non-existing items of edit/view history.

[-] The name of the "new" file ("?New File?") was sometimes added to the history (Shift-F4 Del Enter Esc).

[-] Incorrect processing of plugin paths in folders history.

[-] Paths of DriveLetter: type did not work for the passive panel when executing programs in Windows9x.

[-] Incorrect processing of command line commands that contained non OEM characters.

[-] [A|P]Panel.UNCPath returned '\' at the end.

[-] The fsplit macro functions was adding the plugin prefix to the file name when called from plugin's root folder.

[-] Incorrect processing of Dead-keys.

[-] FAR could crash if the tab size was changed while viewing a file.

[-] FAR could crash when opened as "far /e" with the clock set to visible.

[-] The screen was not redrawn correctly after calling the Editor or the Viewer functions with the ?F_IMMEDIATERETURN flag set.

[-] Calling ECTL_SAVEFILE from EE_READ for an existing file caused a wrong message of file being changed by an external application to be displayed.

[-] The "Screens" menu (F12) could have been shown incorrectly in a very wide console window.

[-] Incorrect positioning on a folder with national characters in its name when executing "FAR . Shift-Enter".

whatsnew 2104 -> 2112

[!] Far.Title now returns the full console title.

[+] Added "Del removes blocks in edit controls" to dialog settings.

[+] Errors in the folder creation process (F7) can be skipped when the "Process multiple names" option is set.

[+] TechInfo#73 - allows to define file extensions for batch files.

[*] Macro command Title in the viewer and editor returns the title that is specified in the status bar.

[-] Wrong selection of found text in the viewer.

[-] Incorrect sorting of strings differing only in length when "numeric sort" is on.

[-] Wrong positioning in Quick view after canceling the search dialog.

[-] The Quick view panel was overlapping the search progress bar when searching.

[-] Rare crash while creating folders (F7).

[-] Wrong console window title for the files/folders move operation.

[-] Instead of opening the folder in Explorer (using Shift-Enter) an attempt was made to run an executable file of the same name.
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Far Manager 1.71 alpha 3 build 2126

Post by t-rex »

Far Manager 1.71 alpha 3 build 2126

Get it here:

whatsnew 2112 -> 2126

[!] When setting folder attributes for FAT and FAT32 file systems, date and time will not be set.

[!] Macro: fexist() and fattr() no longer work with the panels, to work with the panels new functions were added: panel.fexist() and panel.fattr().

[+] New special symbols added "!=\" and "!=/" to represent the current path considering symbolic links.

[+] TechInfo#74 - allows to set the console window title format for file execution.

[+] API: New function FSF.snprintf.

[+] FindFile: Symbolic links can now be searched using the filter.

[*] Macro: "AltShift/" and "AltShift-" replace "AltShift?" and "AltShift_" correspondingly.

[*] Macro: fexist() understands file mask symbols '*' and '?'.

[*] Macro: If the name contains '*' or '?' then fattr() will return the attributes of the first found file.

[*] API: ACTL_KEYMACRO::MCMD_SAVEALL can now work while a macro is executing (FARCmds: "macro:save" now works from inside a macro command).

[-] CtrlAltShift did not hide the panels in fifth panel mode.

[-] Macro: The variables ItemCount and CurPos returned wrong values in the Viewer for files bigger than 4GB.

[-] The "CD" command was processed incorrectly if the '/' character was present in the path.

[-] The path for the passive panel was not always set when executing programs in Windows 9x.

[-] SUBST-disk info was incorrectly displayed in Windows 9x.

[-] Incorrect processing of mixed relative paths (containing ".." and ".").

[-] Selected files on the passive panel were not moved to the start of the list after comparing folders (the "Show selected first" panel option is on).

[-] Macro: Variable names starting with underscore were ignored.

[-] Macro: [A|P]Panel.UNCPath added the '\' symbol to the end of the path.