Far Manager 1.71 alpha 4 build 2142 (Testing)

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Far Manager 1.71 alpha 4 build 2142 (Testing)

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Far Manager 1.71 alpha 4 build 2142 (Testing)

32-bit version:

64-bit (AMD64) version:

The 32-bit version is based on the 64-bit code base, this should cause no differences from the previous 32-bit versions.

The 64-bit will work only on Windows x64 (XP, 2003, Vista) on AMD64 and Intel EMT64 processors.

The PluginAPI has been updated a bit to work seamlessly in the 64-bit version. The changes do not interfere with old 32-bit plugins. Only data types of several functions and structures were changed. New headers are located in the archives above. You need to set alignment to 8 bytes for the 64-bit version.