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Damastes has been created to view MS Excel documents within Far, but it's far from its only usage.

Damastes is a set of scripts to:
1. Align delimited text and optionally cut long cell values in a highly customizable manner
2. Run specified command for each sheet of an MS Excel document
3. Present MS Excel document in a perceivable plain text format

Download it here: Damastes 1.0

Discuss it here: Re: Damastes

Major improvements compared to version 0.4:
1. Able to see all sheets at once
2. Able to see non-English documents
3. Documentation (in Russian) is included into the distributive. (Brief documentation in English is available in each file.)

2006-03-24: Important notes
1. It's recommended to download third-party utilities in their pre-built form, not in sources (i.e. the files whose name end with .woe32.zip, not .tar.gz).
2. For everything to work you'll need to put EXE and DLL files to a folder from the PATH environment variable and AWK files to a folder from the AWKPATH environment variable.