FARMail v3.0 beta 10 build 86

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FARMail v3.0 beta 10 build 86

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v3.0 beta 10 (11.04.05)

- Updated colorer 4 and 5 color schemes for FARMail Script;

Scripts plug-in:
- New variables: %origin% and %fullname%, %song_from_file% by 4ekucT;
- Scripts and scripts.ini updated;

- FastDownload and FastExpunge did not work with IMAP4;
- When clearing IMAP4 mail folders the default settings were not restored;

Scripts plug-in:
- When use_organization=1 message was not built correctly;
- %name% did not work in new message script.

v3.0 beta 9 (10.04.05)

- "From date" is now prepended to all sent messages;
- PluginMacroses.reg by Tim Sobolev;
- mail: prefix opens the FARMail panel;
- Confirm binary on sending messages from the file panel when header information was found in the message;

Scripts plug-in:
- New functions: setini, setsel, editorstate;
- Functionality of the setpos function was extended to allow it to return the current cursor position in the editor;
- Scripts now understand %name%, %far%, %farmail%, %windows%, %date%, %date_sent%, %time%, %song% and %stat% in greetings and signatures set in the scripts.ini file. Initial implementation by Tim Sobolev;
- New field in scripts.ini: reply_to, to define a reply-to address for a specific template;
- Most scripts were updated;

Address Book plug-in:
- Menu formatting strings were moved to the language file, to let anyone change them to their liking;

- A workaround for servers not replying with OK (221) to the QUIT message. This behavior was causing a data transmission error to appear after sending a message.