Far copy routine

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Far copy routine

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I wonder if there is a registry parameter, or some other place where I can enlarge memory buffer, wich FAR uses for file copying.

I have quite fast HDD (Seagate Barracuda 7200.9/SATA2) and 1Gb ram, but HDD has quite big seek time, so copying file between partitions (or on the same partition) goes with approx. speed of 5-6 Mbyte/s, although disk sequential read/write speeds are up to 70 Mb/s.

So if FAR could read/write at a block size of 50 MB, for example, then seek time wouldn't be able to slow operation dramatically.

Is it possible?
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I don't know any settings in far but you could try this plugin "Extended File Copy" http://plugring.farmanager.com/cgi-bin/ ... earchText=

It uses a user defined buffer.