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My congratulations to the final release of version 1.70.
As usual Far rocks and beats every competitor I know easily. I'm a registered user of Far for a long time now and followed nearly each alpha, beta, RC. I cannot live without it. Great!
With regards, Morten.
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I second that! Far is awesome; good job, Far guys! :) Keep up the good work!
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Post by JimWilson »

I 3rd that!

I've been using Far for a long time now, and I find that there is very little it can't do. On every computer I use Far is one of the first things I load. And it's in my Startup group, so it's always available to me.

But a version number of 1.70 just doesn't do it justice; for all the many, many fixes and enhancements that were done it should have been called at least version 2.0. Going from 1.65 to 1.70 makes it sound like a minor update, but personally I think it was a whole lot more then that.
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Post by Konrad »

Congratulations and thanks! Keep up great job!
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Re: Congratulations!

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Still using far here (ever since the first beta when i switched from Dos Navigator), and just can't stand anything else...

Keep up the great work!
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Hurray to that

Post by sicvolo »

Finally! Cant express my joy! Here in US Midwest nobody seems to know about FAR and I have to explain to everybody why I use it.
But I would never trade it for anything.
FAR+Plugins is the best tool I have in my pocket - without it I work like a slug. BIG THANKS!
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Great Work!

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I've been working with FAR since years, since i was a big fan of NC. It is the best product on the market and increases the working abilities by a huge ammount. Imho FAR is the only serious and fast approach to do file transfers local and remotely, to work with archives and to do almost all the other command-line stuff a developer or adiminstrator needs.

my appreciations go to you!