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far options

Post by sorinul »

sorry for bother you guys with my rookie problems.
I use far manager for such a long time, but I have never came in to discuss few problems I have.
1. How can I make far extract files from an arhive as total commander does? I always get this message: rar .exe not found. Altghough, I do have RAR arhiver installed.
2. how can I make far operate in background (copy, move, delete, etc)? I tried few plugins, but no use
3. how can search in folder by letter? I do not wish to press ''alt gr'' (a macro I have).
Thank you
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Post by pepak »

1) RAR.EXE needs to be somewhere where FAR can locate it. That means either in any directory in the system path (for example WINDOWS and WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 are in the path by default) or in FAR directory.

2) I believe the Background Copy plugin should do it. I don't use it, though.

3) ALT+letter
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Re: far options

Post by pp »

1. You can also change the path to exe file in Options / Plugin Configurations / Archive Support / Command Lines
2. Plugin BackgroundCopy works fine...