how is far transferring

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how is far transferring

Post by spx2 »

i am not able to understand how far is transferring files from
a place to the other on the same ftp open in both the panels.
i am seeing that it uses temporary files on my harddisk and this
seems dubious to me and i dont understand it.
please explain.
also there is to mention the fact that in some cases it works
and in others far says that its going to copy the files and it doesnt.
that is all.
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Post by ernetas »

I've got almost the same question about FAR Manager files moving principles.
I am using Windows XP, 2xWindows Vista, Gentoo (Linux distribution) on the same network.
Windows Vista - Windows Vista - 2 MB/s
Windows Vista - Gentoo - 2 MB/s
Windows XP - Gentoo - 9 MB/s
Windows XP - Windows Vista - 2 MB/s
Windows Vista with FAR Manager - Windows Vista - 2 MB/s
Windows Vista with FAR Manager - Gentoo - 9 MB/s

Really interesting. And that doesn't fits to Total Commander, MC.
What makes FAR Manager working so fast?

P. S. It also fits to 7Zip.