Starting Far 170 Freezes my Windows XP

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Starting Far 170 Freezes my Windows XP

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Since some hours starting Far 170 Freezes my Windows XP. Some Hours ago it worked fine, i havent changed anything on my system und now it crashes on every far manager start

I can only see an empty console window get opens, no more changes on my screen.

when it happent i can move the mouse over my screen for about 30 seconds but i cant click anything. when i press numlock key on my keyboard the numlock led dont changes.

after about 30 secondy my windows freezes completely. no bluescreen and nothing special to see.

it occures with Far 170 Beta, 170 Final and 171.

Far 165 dont have this problem.

i have tried to uninstall far and reinstall, no effect

i have tried to delete every setting i vound, no effect

i delete every plugin, no effect

- I use Windows XP SP2, Athlon64, Geforce 6800, USB Keyboard and Mouse

Any Ideas?

i had this Problem 6 Month ago, nothin had helped, only after a complete reinstall of Windows far worked fine again.

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Re: Starting Far 170 Freezes my Windows XP

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ceejay wrote: Any Ideas?
Try to use FileMon and RegMon utilites from, to determine - on which file or registry key Far hangs up, and post it on this forum