FTP plugin

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FTP plugin

Post by zhora »

I currently use 170 b4 and just tried out 170 alpha 5 and a6.
I use sort by Extension and FTP panel in b4 sorts my hosts by name ( they all have the same extention, of course ).
a5 and a6 when sorting by extension use home directory as extension.

It is really annoying to switch sorting to sort by name when on FTP panel and then switch it back to by Ext once logged in to FTP server.

Is this something that can be easily fixed?

One more thing:
When I get in my bin directory all the .pl files have a leading space when listed in panel and FAR a6 cannot open a file for viewing. FAR b4 does not prepend the name with a space and can view the file. I am logging in as myself in FTP directory and I am owner of that file - so nothing to do with UNIX permissions

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FTP bug - only 1999 files per folder visible

Post by Szem »

I use Far v1,70 build 2087.
In the ftp plugin only the first 1999 folder and file name can be listed (.. up dir and 1998 file names), but all the files are exists.
This problem doesn't exists all the servers, (it may depend on the op. system using the server).
Does anybody know a hotfix for this bug?