EditStat plugin error

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EditStat plugin error

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Don't know if this is the correct place to post about a plugin error, but...

The EditStat plugin from Anton Geleznyak causes errors with builds 2031 and 2039 (it might be a problem with other builds too, but those are the only 2 I have). I'm running Win98SE on a Dell desktop.

With EditStat installed in plugins\editor I get an "unknown exception" error at 0x1BAB239 in FAR.Exe whenever I try to edit a file. With this plugin removed everything works fine. I've used EditStat for years, so I know it has worked in the past.

I tried going to Anton's website listed in the readme.txt file, but it no longer exists. I can't find a newer version of EditStat at the PlugRing site either. Was something changed in FAR that caused this problem, or is the plugin just not compatible with the newer builds of FAR? (the plugin is dated 2000)