Smarter "Folder history"?

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Smarter "Folder history"?

Post by Konrad »

As I very often jump among many different folders, I use folder shortcuts and folder history quite often. And there is always a lot of "garbage" on the folder history list.

Let's say I went from C:\ to e.g. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC, then did Ctrl-PgDn few times, then went elsewhere, e.g. C:\TEMP\GUEST. I really did something in two folders, but folder history will contain something like 7 different folders already.

Maybe there could be an option to add a folder to the folder history only if any action was done on any file in that folder? And if a command in the command line was executed in that folder. That would keep the folder history list much shorter and much more useful.

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Post by t-rex »

Well, you can't really tell what folders you will need in the history. There's no real logic to it, but you can use plugins which extend the Folder Shortcuts and Folder History, there are several plugins of this sort on the plugring.