GUI version

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GUI version

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I have found recently a file manager at The first thing that made me happy is that it has an interface 'mixed' from GUI and console. IMHO Far's development should go this way. (Maybe there should be no font issues, more than 16 colors...etc) Is there a chance that someday Far will look like this?
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Re: GUI version

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I hope FAR won't go this way! If I wouldn't like the text interface, I could use Total Commander and just set up the colors....
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...Yep But You Can't Do A CTRL+O In Total Commander Like File Navigator Do :P
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I agree; it should stay text mode. There's dozens of GUI file managers, but only one FAR. I rather like it that way.
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Why GUI? Just because? You can perfectly draw all you need in a program like FAR with characters, and character consoles are an order of magnitude faster than graphic applications.

Furthermore, what's good about FAR is the console integration, and I believe that would be hard if not impossible to do with a graphic application because of the way the Windows console works. At best you could run a console in the background and keep it synchronized as Console does.