Wider copy/delete/move/... information dialogs

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Wider copy/delete/move/... information dialogs

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Hi there,

FAR is *THE* kickass utility, that makes me work about 500% more efficiently as both my life as a programmer as well as a administrator (which includes LOTS of copy and text file edit jobs, you can believe me).

Now for the suggestion: I use FAR most times in maximized mode, which means 320x113 chars. One thing I always missed is that the copy/move/delete/... information dialogs are however always at a fixed width. This makes copy/move/delete jobs hard to read, especially if you copy/move/delete deep directory hierarchies or dirs with very long filesnames (both of which is common here).

It would be cool, if these dialogs would use for example 80% of the FAR window width.

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I Second That! :)

I Hope There Will Be A Hack Or Something Later...