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Well, the fact is that FAR is very user-unfriendly for new users (even if they are very good with computers, they will have hard time with FAR). But if you give FAR all your attention and enough time, it will be worth it. I wouldn't want to change the way FAR's interface works.

What might be useful, in order to promote FAR among new users, would be a set of tutorials about using FAR. Say, a document titled "So you are a Total Commander user" which would list the differences, ways how to achieve what the users know from TC but can't find in FAR, stuff like that. Saying "it's all in the documentation" certainly isn't enough, as the documentation is written mostly as a reference guide (key list for screen XYZ, key list for screen ZYX, list of macro commands, list of plugins, etc.), but if new users are to switch to FAR, they need a task-based approach: They need answers to questions such as "I want to upload a file to FTP" - "I want to view an image from FAR" - "I want FAR to take up the whole screen" - "Does FAR support regular expressions?" etc.
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What they need is a FAQ, there are FAQs in russian but no real ones in english.
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Now that its open source, I hope that someone does make a GUI version.
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t-rex wrote:pepak
What they need is a FAQ, there are FAQs in russian but no real ones in english.
There's a good attachment in the tips post in the tutorial/ manual topic.