File comparing & drag and drop

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File comparing & drag and drop

Post by Maori »

Hi there.
I love Far very much and fight for it, but I would love it even more if it provided some possibility to compare files (like in Total Commander). or does it?
and also drag & drop is just an internal feature.. well windows happen to be a window based OS (surprisingly :D), it would be nice if I could drag something into explorer window or on the desktop.. can i do that somehow?

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Post by unodgs »

Yes, the file comparer is what I miss the most in FAR!

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Post by Vid0 »

And this is the only reason I keep TotalCommander nearby...

fc a.txt b.txt > x.txt is so uncomfortable :(

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Post by t-rex »

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edit:<diff -c -p "!#!\!^!.!" "!\!.!"

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if exist "!#!\!^!.!" diff -c -p -r "!#!\!^!.!" "!\!.!" > "!\!.!.diff"
if exist "!\!.!.diff" edit:"!\!.!.diff"
if not exist "!\!.!.diff" diff -a -c -p -r "!#!\!.!" "!^!\!.!" > "!\!.!.2.diff"
if exist "!\!.!.2.diff" edit:"!\!.!.2.diff"
in F2 menu

using GNU Diff (or any other comparer you like).