Can't get a spell checker to work.

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Can't get a spell checker to work.

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I need a spell checker for the editor. I have gone through the plugins but can't get any of them to work. I guess the ones based on Office won't work in Vista with Office 2007, will they? With the ispell based one I do not know how to get ispell installed, and where I need to install it.

Anyone here use a spell checker on Windows Vista that works well? I do not mind spending some more time getting it to work if I know it will work in the end.

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Try the FarSpell plugin. I doubt that it was tested on Vista but it definietly doesn't need MSO.
Generally, you might wish to evaluate other plugins from the Spelling category.
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gSpell should work without problems, but you need to install Office 97 dictionaries for it to work (you can find them on the internet).