Why FAR Manager it's kinda' dead project ...

You want to talk about Far Manager, but don't know where to turn?

Does FAR have to be open-source?

Yes, i'll be happy to work on future development
Yes, i'll use it with more pasion
I don't give a ****
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Post by mark »

t-rex wrote:Ok, I have Ubuntu linux and latest wine installed. I never used wine before so could you please tell how exactly do I run FAR under wineconsole? I might look into the linux native files execution - I think that I know why it might happen.
I have a similar setup. In my case, the far installer worked out of the box:

wine far-1705.exe

Installed far into virtual partition. Now, try to execute it:

wineconsole --backend=user ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Far/Far.exe
(there is a space between user and ~)

If it works, great, in my case it hanged (or it might just have been too slooow -- too impatient to wait), and so did winecfg and

wine.exe notepad.exe

It turns out that there are some issues with wine and network interface,
I haven't exactly figured out yet, but it seems that one needs a loopback to be set up on you card, so that you can connect to (at least it
seem to cure it in my case)

For now, we just turn it off: ifconfig ethX down, where X is your interface number. Try to run it again. If it runs, you can turn the interface back on, and everything will still work.

By default linux root partition is drive Z, and drive C is mapped to

you can setup additional partitions via winecfg.

You can change font by rightclicking on the console screen.
In my case there were only two fonts available, and none of them
have correct psuedographics. This was cured by installing all fonts from my windows directory. (Then i used courier). Analgously some important hotkeys are intercepted by X, which had to be turned off...

I am still not able to execute linux programs from far shell, because wine, while can execute linux elf files, needs them to have 'exe' extension... Weird, i don't now how to change that.

Hope that helps, let me know.
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Post by t-rex »

Well for me it worked from the start, and as soon as I installed msttcorefonts it really looks cool :) Maybe you know how I can make Gnome to pass all key combinations to Far, cause it overtakes most of the Alt+Key hotkeys? I managed to execute some native linux programs but their console output did not go to Far's windows but to the windows in which wineconsole was called.
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Post by mark »

system -> preferences -> keyboard shortcuts... :-)

Hmm, in my case i am still not able to execute linux programs unless they have .exe extension... The shell does not say file not found, but doesn't display anything in either window, and neither it opens any gui windows... Do you execute them using posix paths, e.g. /usr/bin/XXX, or
ms-dos path?
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Post by Wiseman »

I think being open source would greatly benefit the development and usage of FAR Manager; we would soon see projects to port it to Linux, better Unicode support, etc.
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Post by davealover »

t-rex wrote:Well, porting FAR to linux is not as simple as it sounds. It was written with only WinAPI in mind. It uses WinAPI extensivly so instead of porting it I think writing a new one will be better.
Borland did it with Kylix.
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v1.70 is released, yipeee! :)

Post by xxbbcc »

It's nice to have a new version after so long! Good job, Far guys, keep it up! :) I'll tell about it to my friends. <Off to play with new version.>
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Post by intersol »

I really loved DN and it's sad what happened with it. If the developers would release it under GPL or LGPL it wouldn't be so. But they made it a sort of public domain and anybody can fork without releasing the sources.

Also I would not write any more lines of codes in Pascal and Turbo Vision anymore -- it's dead for many years.

And about MC - i think MC is dead too because it's written in plain C with a lot of duplicate code and to extensibilityi in mind. It's so hard to improve it that it's better to start again with an OO aproach and plugin extensibility.

Imagine how nice would be to run on your linux box: "yum instal far" :)
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Post by alas »

hi, i'm new here, first of all sorry in advance for my bad english.

i use ubuntu and MC, recently installed windows and far with SEFP(sony ericsson far plugin) to flash my w300
(change the firmware of my phone and erase/modify some protected files)
intersol wrote:And about MC - i think MC is dead too because it's written in plain C with a lot of duplicate code and to extensibilityi in mind.
i preffer c over c++, i think c++ produces slower and blotted programs

far is, at list to me, pretty much the same as using MC, i can do all my things on both, except flashing my w300 :cry:

so, if far becomes available on linux,and maybe open source to be included in ubuntu repositories ( i dont care about modifing it, but i would help porting it) it could replace MC in my machine

or in a perfect world MC could use the SEFP, well I'm going to ask them about it :D

i hope one of them becomes reality so i could erase that evil windows
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Can you please

Post by kennyguo »

HAHA!Can you please put some links or materials of such discussions. I find this quite interesting. FAR is great project but it seems to be there's no evolution at all. :D
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Post by HaRT »

Please note that FAR Manager 1.8 (Unicode) has come Open Source recently.
You are welcome to “evolute” it.
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Post by ikutluay »

it is a must for a program...
My software tips and guides (in Turkish)
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Post by sicvolo »

t-rex wrote:I think that now is not the right time going open source.
Now is the time! 2005 apparently was not good, 2007 was much better.
Or did it take 2 years to realize the FARGroup is not capable of moving FAR forward by itself? Not to be negative ;)