Plugring uploads, up-to-date versions. new forum

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Plugring uploads, up-to-date versions. new forum

Post by Gammatester »

I have posted some notices about the "temporary down" status of the plugring upload site (at least the english version) ... Draw=Forms. I was told to use the given email address of Valentin Skirdin.
This was ONCE successful, but the delay was enormous. The situation has become even worse: In the last days there were "new" plugins under the "last two weeks update" ... earchText=. Sadly, the "up-to-date" status is depressing: Some plungins have release dates of more than a yeas ago.

Nevertheless I send I mail to with the newest version of my CRC/Hash calculator. Surprise: "My" IP address is on a blacklist and the mail was bounced twice. I have no "own IP" address, only a dynamic (?) one from my provider. The blacklisted mail address was is definitely not the POP3/SMTP address I am using for my email.

All in all a very uncomfortable situation.

Since is obviously a conical address for FAR plugins, I would like to suggest to create an "upload forum", where registered plugin developers can upload there plugins and from where they are transferred to the main plugring database/download area.
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Post by t-rex »

Well you can and should use the plugin annouce forum for that purpose. And now the plugring is managed by me so updates will be much more frequent (at least once a week if there is anything new), so you should send the plugins you want to put on plugring to me - at / trexinc
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Post by KtW »

Many Thanks t-rex For Helping Us All... :)

And What About Uploading Also The Updates (after 1.70) In This Page?