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Thanx for the info, i'll try and compile the EMenu as that's the only plugin i'm actually missing from FAR 1.80 :-)

P.S. i know it's probably not the right place to ask, but i have a few questions :
1. i have a little problem with the "File Hightlighting and sort groups" feature. I used to use the ▓▒░ characters for highten and system files, and now i can't set those :( I know that since FAR 1.8 uses the Unicode system the ░ (ch 0xB1) is now in the extended set (U 2592), but the dialog doesn't accept it.
2. Maybe it would be a nice ideea to have a different forum for the OpenSource version of FAR where users can post requests/bugs/..., cause i would have a few ideeas/requests, maybe i could even contribute to the development (ok, probably not, but who knows ;) )
3. It would be nice if the comments in the source code would be in English too, since i for one don't know russian (even if i live next tu Rusia :) ) From what i've seen, FAR has most of its code with english comments, but the plugins seem to still have only russian comments (ok, i understand FAR and the plugins are still very early in development, so it's just more of a suggestion than an actual request :) )

P.S. i would really like to thank to the developers of FAR, they did a wonderfull job :wink: